the company

MY MATILDA communication

was founded by Matilda Nordfeldt to supply a demand for an easy accessible, fast working and straight forward communication. Sweden born Matilda has a Bachelor of Arts in Media Science and long time experience of Project Management within communication and marketing. With love for and excellent knowledge of language multilingual Matilda offers a clean Scandinavian touch and great connection and feel between words and design concept. The style is direct with warmth and creative charisma. Logo or text, you can trust MY MATILDA communication to always deliver a well thought through structure and layout.

MY MATILDA communication

is your smart and creative partner and thrives upon simplicity for both client and creator. In creation the Scandinavian touch is evident and always adopted in a way to satisfy social and cultural demand. After a study process in close cooperation with the client MY MATILDA communication aim for and believe in clean, simple and to the point solutions.



Carré Noir, Bulgaria

-Project Manager,
Scandinavian Airlines
Marketing Department

Berghs School of Communication, Sweden

-Bachelor of Arts,
Media Science, Art History and French, Sweden

Matilda Nordfeldt also run the fashion and life style blog and the webshop